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2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Course Descriptions

Course numbers are ordered with the first digit of a course number indicates the class level of the course. Permission to take sophomore courses is granted to freshmen provided they have met the prerequisites. Junior and senior level courses are considered upper-division courses with numbers in the 300s and 400s.

The following set of courses constitutes the core curriculum outlined in the Degree and Core Curriculum Information  section. Course descriptions are provided here for those core courses not contained among the offerings of academic departments. Core courses offered by particular departments are indicated here only by title and a cross-reference to the departmental listing where the full course description appears. All credit hours are stated in semester hours.

The ‘S’ and ‘W’ beside the course title in a major department indicates that the course satisfies the ‘speech intensive’ and the ‘writing intensive’ components of the core curriculum for that major.

Courses that satisfy core distribution requirements are listed in the Degree and Core Curriculum Information  section, and the course description will contain the appropriate code (e.g. see ART 111 Introduction to Art with FAR):

FAR - Fine arts distribution requirement
HUM - Humanities distribution requirement
LAB - Natural science lab distribution requirement
SSC - Social science distribution requirement

   •  STA 254 Statistics for the Social Sciences
   •  THT 101 Company Muster I
   •  THT 102 Company Muster II
   •  THT 103 Company Muster III
   •  THT 130 Text Analysis for Production
   •  THT 202 Introduction to Theatre
   •  THT 210 Stagecrafts
   •  THT 211 Theatre Internship I
   •  THT 235 Acting I
   •  THT 250 Theatre History I: Ancient Theatre through the Eighteenth Century
   •  THT 251 Theatre History II: Eighteenth Century to Twenty-first Century
   •  THT 290 Production Practicum
   •  THT 299 Special Topics in Theatre
   •  THT 300 Stage Management
   •  THT 302 The Dramatic Arts and Christian Thought
   •  THT 310 Playwriting
   •  THT 315 Screenwriting
   •  THT 335 Accents and Dialects
   •  THT 360 Basic Design
   •  THT 390 Production Practicum
   •  THT 399 Independent Study
   •  THT 402 The Dramatic Arts and Christian Thought II
   •  THT 411 Theatre Internship II
   •  THT 435 Acting II
   •  THT 450 Directing
   •  THT 492 Senior Integration Paper in Theatre

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