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2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

International Studies Department

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Program Faculty

Jiewon Baek (Foreign Language)
Brian Fikkert (Economics & Community Development)
Richard Follett (History & Politics)
Jay Green (History & Politics)
Cale Horne (History & Politics)
Alicia Jackson (History & Politics)
Russell Mask (Economics & Community Development)
Paul Morton (History & Politics)
Tom Neiles (Foreign Language)
John Rush (Economics & Community Development)
Brianne Stambaugh (Foreign Language)
Lance Wescher (Economics & Community Development)

Program Goals

By its very nature-complex, interconnected, change-prone, and operating across both levels of analysis and time-the academic study of international phenomena is not amenable to traditional disciplinary boundaries. In recognition of this reality, the international studies (INS) major is multi-disciplinary, with an emphasis in the core disciplines of political studies, history and economics, together with intensive training in foreign languages and research methods. In keeping with the commitment to integrated learning and a biblical consciousness of Christ’s preeminence over all things, the international studies program seeks to unfold the implications of this preeminence by studying the history, politics, and economics of the created order in global context, and by treating the international dimension of human behaviors and institutions as a distinct and critically important area of inquiry.

For the Major Field

Majors will develop a deeper understanding of various international phenomena and will be challenged to think and write critically about these phenomena as Christians. To this end, a common international studies core is required for all international studies majors. Students will emerge from the international studies program with a grasp of the major theories, methods and substantive issues pertinent to the study of international political, social and economic phenomena, coupled with advanced training in a foreign language that will prepare the individual for a career with international dimensions. Specifically, the major will prepare students to pursue careers in government, law, journalism, international non- or inter-governmental organizations, business, the military or academia, among others.

Interested students may contact Dr. Cale Horne (cale.horne@covenant.edu) for more information.




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