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2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Physics Department

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Department Faculty

Phillip Broussard
Curtis Stern

Department Goals

Physics is a discipline with ancient origins in early Greek thought, and it has led the way, to a large degree, in shaping and guiding the growth of science from that time until the present day. In our major program and in our service to other departments, the Physics Department at Covenant College seeks to provide a solid grounding in the discipline of physics while at the same time providing a foundation for understanding the relation of physics to such disciplines as philosophy and theology. In our major program we seek to prepare students for graduate school or for teaching in secondary school, by providing a good conceptual grasp of the discipline itself and also of issues related to other disciplines. Goals for service programs are to prepare pre-engineering students for the dual degree program on a level suitable for study at Georgia Tech, pre-med students for the MCAT and others for the various disciplines in which physics will be used. For both science and non-science majors, we hope to impart a sense of awe over the beauty and wonderfulness of God’s world and over His glory and faithfulness as He upholds the regularities we observe in the physical sciences.

Teacher Certification

Physics Pre-MAT

Students who are interested in teaching physics for grades 6-12 should complete a BA degree with a major in physics and then enroll in the one-year Master of Arts in Teaching at Covenant College. It is recommended that you complete the Education Minor . Three of the courses in the minor, EDU 121 Introduction to Teaching , EDU 222 Educational Psychology , and EDU 361 Education of Exceptional Children , are required for admission to the MAT. For information about certification, see Teacher Certification under the Education  section of the catalog.

Additionally, all pre-MAT Physics majors are encouraged to take the following classes:

For more information, contact:

mat@covenant.edu or lindsey.fain@covenant.edu




      Physics Courses

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