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2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

International Studies

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The core and distribution requirements for a major in international studies are those listed for baccalaureate degrees  with the exception that the core humanities distribution requirement is fulfilled with the foreign language literature course, and the core social science distribution requirement is fulfilled with ECO 202 . The exemption from or completion of six (6) hours of intermediate level foreign language (i.e. FRE 201 , FRE 202 , GER 201 , GER 202 , or SPA 201  and SPA 202 ) is required prior to pursuing the INS major foreign language requirements. Students fluent/native in a foreign language may be eligible for additional exemptions, to be determined in consultation with the Foreign Language Department. MAT 141 College Algebra  or a math placement level of 3 is a prerequisite for ECO 202 .

Advanced placement for Comparative Politics does not exempt students from POL 200 . The advanced placement hours awarded will be credited as electives to the graduation requirement of 126 hours.

INS majors undertake an academic study abroad, usually in the spring semester of the junior year or in the summer between the junior and senior years. These academic terms must be approved in advance by the INS program committee. Because an academic study abroad is an INS program requirement, students who have attained junior status are eligible for up to 100% of institutional financial aid for semester-long approved programs. Students should direct questions to Dr. Cale Horne (cale.horne@covenant.edu).

Requirements for Major

Major and Supporting Course Requirements

Total common INS core hours: 19

Total research methods hours: 10-11

Foreign Language

INS Electives

History Elective (HIS prefix)

  • Choose one additional HIS prefix elective from either the Comparative or International lists: 3 hours
Total INS elective hours: 15

Total hours for the major: 53-54

Total degree hours: 126

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