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2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Chemistry, General

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The core and distribution requirements for a major in chemistry are those listed for baccalaureate degrees  with the exceptions that the mathematics requirement (3 hours) and the natural science lab requirement are being fulfilled by courses that are already required for the major.

Entering freshmen who plan to major in chemistry should plan to take MAT 145 Calculus I  the first year. Placement in Calculus is based on a strong high school math background (through trigonometry) which is evidenced by a minimum SAT math score of 625 or ACT math of 25. Students who do not place into Calculus should sit for the Math Placement Exam during Orientation.

The chemistry major calls for early and extensive counseling of students in order that they be properly informed of the requirements and aims of the program. Students entering this program will ordinarily have to make their decisions earlier in their college career than is necessary for some other programs.

The department assesses its program in part through the administration of nationally-standardized examinations as final examinations in each course or course sequence. Students who complete chemistry courses at other institutions should have their scores on the appropriate Examinations Institute of the American Chemical Society test transmitted to the Chemistry Department. Otherwise the examination must be taken at Covenant. A score of 50 percentile or above is expected if a transferred course is to satisfy a program requirement which specifies a particular chemistry course.

Requirements for Major

Major and Supporting Course Requirements

Total degree hours: 126

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