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2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Graduation Requirements for Baccalaureate Degrees

Students are personally responsible to plan their programs to meet graduation requirements. When a student declares a major or minor program, the default catalog term will be the term the student entered Covenant. If there have been significant changes in the core or program requirements since entering Covenant, the term the student declares the major will be used if the degree is conferred within ten years. After ten years, the then-current catalog degree requirements will need to be fulfilled. See the section for each major for specific graduation major requirements.

Undergraduate Degree Programs

Biblical and Theological Studies
Community Development
Computer Science
Education Studies
Elementary Education
German Studies
Interdisciplinary Studies
International Studies
Natural Science - Pre-Engineering
Philosophy and Religion
Political Science
Sport Administration

The Bachelor of Arts Degree

Upon recommendation of the faculty and approval by the Board of Trustees, the degree of Bachelor of Arts is conferred upon students who have met the following requirements for graduation:

  1. A minimum of 126 credit hours
  2. An institutional grade point average of 2.00 or better
  3. The fulfillment of all BA core curriculum requirements
  4. At least 25 hours in upper-division courses
  5. Compliance with all requirements in the major field, or major and minor fields
  6. No grades below “C-” in the major, minor or certification.
  7. A residence of one year and the completion of the last 32 hours at Covenant, with the exception that students in residence for three semesters or more may complete nine of the last 32 hours at other approved colleges
  8. The payment of all bills, the return of all equipment and library books, and the completion of all chapel and Mark 10:45 requirements.
  9. For some majors, completion of the Major Field Achievement Tests and other assessments of institutional effectiveness

Core Curriculum for Bachelor of Arts Degrees

Basic Literacies

Foreign Language

Proficiency in one year of an elementary-level foreign language.  6 hours. (See Foreign Language section - Core Foreign Language Requirement )


MAT 122  or above, AP Calculus or CLEP credit for College Algebra or above, or exemption is permitted for students assigned a math placement  level of 3, 4, or 5.   3 hours.

Exploratory Stewardship of Opportunities

See the Core, Diversity, and Distribution Requirements  section for descriptions of requirements and lists of courses. Courses from a major department cannot fulfill both a major requirement and a distribution requirement.

  • Diversity Requirement 3 hour(s).
  • Fine Arts Distribution Requirement 3 hour(s).
  • Humanities Distribution Requirement 3 hour(s).
  • Natural Science Lab Distribution Requirement 4 hour(s).
  • Social Science Distribution Requirement 3 hour(s).

Total BA Core Curriculum Requirements: 59 hours