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2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Community Development

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The core and distribution requirements for a major in community development are those listed for a baccalaureate degree , with the exception that a course in finance, political studies, psychology or sociology is required to fulfill the social science distribution requirement. ECO 202 Principles of Microeconomics  covers some unique content as a four hour class and must be completed at Covenant unless otherwise approved. Community Development electives may also count for minors in other departments.  MAT 141 College Algebra  or a math placement level of 3 is a prerequisite for ECO 202 .

Requirements for Major

Six hours from the list below or other approved electives:

Total hours for the major: 49-50

Total degree hours: 126

Research Internships Process

All community development students are required to complete a research internship which normally takes place after the student’s junior year, during the summer and/or the first semester of the senior year. Department faculty work with students and partner organizations in the field to design, support, and evaluate these research internships. Internships may be taken for 3-6 credits for a 12-week internship and 3-12 credits for a 24-week internship, but only three credits may be used towards meeting the requirements for the major, any additional credits serving as electives towards graduation. The internship must occur in an intercultural setting for it to meet the COR 337 Intercultural Experience  requirement and the student should register for COR 337  the same semester they register for CDV 480  or CDV 481 .

The internship placement process includes a series of personality, psychological, and physical assessments conducted by staff of the Priesthill Center and a local healthcare provider that works with the department. These assessments enable the department to identify the best possible placement for each student. Students are charged non-refundable intern placement fees totaling a maximum of $400 as assessments occur throughout sophomore and junior years prior to the internship. Additional costs will be incurred if students miss scheduled appointments. Students are also required to get a nation-wide background check, currently $37, at their expense following instructions provided by the department.

CDV interns must be in good academic standing. If a student exhibits behavioral, emotional, spiritual, social, or physical struggles inconsistent with an intensive cross-cultural internship, the department can determine the student is no longer suitable for the internship. Students should be aware that some internship hosts require a minimum institutional GPA of 2.75.

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